2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine

1 December 2022 We are firm in our intention to provide all possible assistance

With the outbreak of war, the lives of millions of Ukrainians turned into a nightmare. Their homes, jobs, security, and peaceful skies were brutally taken away.

A huge stream of refugees poured across the country, looking for a shelter, a bed, or simply the opportunity to take a shower and to have a cup of hot drink. Literally, on the very first day of the war, our office in Poltava turned into a volunteer center, a transit point, and a hostel for refugees. We provided shelter for hundreds of people who were fleeing the war and had nowhere to go. We helped not only our employees and clients but also anyone who needed it.

One of the most vulnerable groups of the population was mothers with newborn children. That is why n March 2022 we purchased and delivered a variety of supplies for babies and their mothers - diapers, baby formula, and different personal hygiene products - to the maternity hospital in Kharkiv.

In November 2022, when enemy attacks on critical infrastructure made everyday life incredibly difficult for civilians, we turned several offices into "Points of Unbreakability" equipped with generators and StarLink. There is always light, heating, and Internet - all in order to keep our Ladies connected so translators could do their job.

The struggle that Ukraine is waging is a righteous cause in which the contribution of every person, business, and organization is valuable and necessary. That is why we cannot remain aloof from what is happening and support not only the military but also civilians, who are acutely suffering from enemy excesses and violations of all principles of war.

We are firm in our intention to provide all possible assistance, as we are confident that our clients, who are not alien to compassion and humanistic values, stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us.

How can YOU help?

  • Inform all your friends and people you know about the real events in Ukraine, send this file. without downplaying their significance. Every day in Ukrainian cities is terribly frightening; everyone hopes that everything will end as soon as possible. It is unbearable to hear the volleys of artillery anymore.
  • Come together and go to demonstrations against the war in Ukraine! With this you will inform the officials of your city and country that we really need help! Demand this help from the government of your country!
  • We need weapons, we need ammunition, and we need financial and political help. The governments of Europe and the whole world must hear their citizens and their will and demands to help Ukraine!

If you personally want and can help Ukraine financially, send money directly to the foundations using the links below.

Each person’s help without any exception is important! Support our country in this incredibly difficult terrible moment!

1) https://savelife.in.ua/en/donate-en/

2) Official accounts of the government of Ukraine for foreign aid:

Bank: National Bank of Ukraine
Recipient: National Bank of Ukraine

Account: 400807238
383 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10179, USA
IBAN UA843000010000000047330992708
Bank of England, London
Account: 40000982
Threadneedle Street, London EC2R 8AH, UK
IBAN UA843000010000000047330992708
Account: 5040040066
IBAN DE05504000005040040066
Wilhelm-Epsteinn-Strabe 14, 60431 Frankfurt Am Main,Germany
IBAN UA843000010000000047330992708

What else can I do on the Internet for Ukraine?

Ukraine has launched an international information campaign to reach out to the Western leaders: Chancellor Olaf Scholz, French President Emmanuel Macron, US President Joe Biden, and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson with 3 demands:

  • disconnect Russia from the SWIFT;
  • protect Ukrainian airspace;
  • send NATO troops to Ukraine.

#BanRussiafromSwift #CloseTheSky #SendNatoToUkraine

Why is this important?

  • By cutting off Russia from the SWIFT, we are launching a blow all over the whole Russian Federation and are significantly weakening the enemy.
  • By "closing off" the airspace over Ukraine, i.e ensuring its security, the West is drastically changing the balance of power in Ukraine. At the moment, our team is winning on land, but losing in the air.
  • By sending a NATO military contingent to Ukraine, there is a chance to end the war.

What to do:

  • * Twitter *

    1. Post a tweet

    Dear @OlafScholz @EmmanuelMacron @JoeBiden @BorisJohnson Please #BanRussiafromSwift #CloseTheSky #SendNatoToUkraine

  • * Facebook *

    1. Go to the official Facebook page of Olaf Scholz, Emmanuel Macron, Joseph Biden, Boris Johnson.


    2. Under each post write a comment:

    Ban Russia from SWIFT! Protect Ukrainian Sky! Send NATO to Ukraine! #BanRussiafromSwift #CloseTheSky #SendNatoToUkraine

    3. Publish a post similar to the comments on your page.

  • * Instagram *

    1. Publish a post and pages with the text:

    Dear @bundeskanzler @emmanuelmacron @joebiden @borisjohnsonuk Please #BanRussiafromSwift #CloseTheSky #SendNatoToUkraine

Tomorrow will be late - act now. United we stand!

19 October 2022 Join and help Ukraine together with us and the whole world

In 2014, Russia attacked Ukraine and occupied part of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, and annexed the whole territory of the Crimean Peninsula.

Since 2014, Ukraine has been waging a defensive war with an armed and unprincipled aggressor who never stopped attacking and testing the defenses and resiliency of our country for all those 8 years.

In February 2022, Russian troops carried out a full-scale invasion of the territory of Ukraine with the use of missiles, an air fleet, and heavy artillery. They counted on an easy victory and never expected to face such a valiant fightback from all the Ukrainian people.

UaDreams is a Ukrainian company, that has been growing and evolving since 2008. We have been supporting our armed forces and the civilian population for all this time. Over time, we have been able to help a lot of people and contributed to the safety of Ukraine.

We have made transfers to a special fundraising account opened by our National Bank to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In April 2022 participated in a charity auction, the proceeds from which were transferred to purchase medicines for a group of scouts stationed near Kharkiv. The lot in this auction was a legendary postage stamp "Russian warship, go F yourself" along with a postcard clearly demonstrating the true face of the leader of a neighboring country.

October 2022 - participation in fundraising to purchase devices to neutralize Iranian drones that destroy the civilian infrastructure of our cities. We were among those who donated the largest amounts and were awarded an incredible gift - a bracelet made of metal from Azovstal with the signature of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valerii Zaluzhnyi.

By this moment 50% of the invaded territories have been already de-occupied and this process is not stopping. And we are proud to be a part of this. Ukraine will stand, and will be a strong democratic power. We ask you to join our initiatives and help Ukraine and Ukrainians together with our company and the whole world.

16 September 2022 Thank you for making it all possible

On February 24, 2022, the confrontation between Ukraine and Russia entered a new acute phase - enemy forces treacherously invaded our country, bringing only grief, death, and destruction.

From that day the Ukrainian army, volunteers, and the entire population of Ukraine effectively resisted the enemy, they successfully stopped the offensive advance and put the Russian troops to flight. The whole world watched with delight as our relatively small armed forces turned into a professional modern army capable of effectively resisting a superior enemy.

Of course, this would not have been possible without the support of our fighters from within the country and from abroad.

It was also our duty to participate and support our brave defenders, which we did in cooperation with a friendly IT company.

From the very first days of the war, we regularly purchased and delivered thousands of tourniquets and equipped first aid kits for our soldiers on the front line, not to mention the batches of long-shelf-life food and personal hygiene products.

During the summer of 2022, we purchased two batches of tourniquets, armor plates, and other equipment for the Ukrainian military.

Also ordered and delivered a batch of reconnaissance drones and electric generators for the military front line.

At the personal request of a detachment of scouts based in the Kharkiv region, we purchased a jeep vehicle for them to carry out combat missions.

The military always accepts any help with great sincere gratitude.

And we also want to thank you for your participation in using our services, you give us an invaluable gift - the opportunity to help the army of Ukraine in the fight against invaders and occupiers. This is not a war for conquering territories, this is a conflict that affects the very principles of the organization of the modern civilized world. We believe in justice, the strength of our army, and the support of the entire democratic world.

4 July 2022 Ukraine's future is in the EU

Ukraine was granted a status of a candidate for entering the EU. We are proud to become a part of the European world, whose values and hopes we share as a nation.

We accomplished that at a very fast pace, faster than any other country did in the past. Though the long way we had to go to it, is drenched in blood of the Ukrainian military and civilians.

We have not expected that war to come to our country, and to have everything changed in one single day. Millions of people were forced to leave their homes, were separated from their loved ones, had to leave all their belongings behind them and flee with nowhere to return. No one should get through it.

But there is one more thing we have not expected. We have never thought that Ukrainians would get such a massive support from all the nations in the world. Countries help Ukraine with funds and military equipment, open their borders for accepting Ukrainian people and businesses. People all over the world open their homes for Ukrainian women and kids, helping them to feel safe and sane again. They help Ukrainians with documents, schools for the kids, getting medical help and everything one needs to adapt in other country.

EU candidate status is the apogee of these efforts to help Ukrainians cope. We value it greatly, and we accept the responsibility to drive our country to implement reforms needed from us to become a part of the European family.

Thank you for standing with us!

22 April 2022 We're one for all, and all for one

The escalation of the crisis in Ukraine has seriously affected the country's population's access to many vital health services. Urgent funding is needed to treat patients who have been injured during the conflict, or to provide vital help to people who need it.

UaDreams company provides assistance to our fellow citizens. We transfer 30% of our income to the Army of Ukraine. Our soldiers are actively fighting for a peaceful sky over Ukraine.

We also consider it our duty to help collecting humanitarian aid for the residents of Ukraine who have remained in the areas of military activities. The remaining men and old people are guarding the houses from vandalism and marauders, control all the attics, help the police and the army by being vigilant. Children and women are hiding in the subway – in a bomb shelter. They need food, medicines, clothes and just the support of unindifferent people.

We collect food, medicines, blankets, clothes, diapers so that every citizen of Ukraine and every soldier had everything they need. They are very brave and valiant! It is our duty to help them.

By continuing to work, we pay taxes to our state, thereby supporting our country's economy, paying salaries and providing jobs for people.

And all of this can be done because of the support and care of UaDreams members, your continued support in these circumstances, and any service you purchase on the website helps to support those who are in need and help to save civilians in this genocidal war. And UaDreams warmly thanks for your true care, support and help, as ee still believe that love will save the world and love is all we need.

15 March 2022 The next stage of assistance: Kharkiv Regional Maternity Hospital

Who is the most defenseless during wars and natural disasters? Of course, children, pregnant women and mothers with newborn children. Having learned that the Kharkiv perinatal center urgently needed help, the management of our company contacted them and immediately, having made a list, purchased and brought everything they needed.

We bought urgently needed goods for this maternity hospital in the neighboring regional center- diapers for newborns, baby food, personal hygiene items for adults and children. The director of our company was lucky to meet the general director of the shopping center where we bought all the goods. After we shared the reason why we need so many diapers and hygiene items, the mall gave all our purchases to us for free.

What is the most important thing you need to survive in such a difficult situation? Join efforts! Even the most minimal assistance to those who protect us and those who remained in the cities matters. We stick together and we will definitely win!

10 March 2022 We continue to provide assistance

"it is silent here in Poltava, it seems like a piece of heaven on Earth" - those were words of one of the refugees, which have managed to escape Kharkiv after several days of bombing, with her family. Those words touched us, together with thousand other words, which we've seen in the common chat we made, with our colleagues from the different parts of Ukraine, all branches. We worried, got scared and cried together with them when they wrote "siren, we are being bombed again, we go down to the bomb shelter" or posted videos with an orange night sky drowned in the fire.

We can only imagine how do people, living in attacked cities, feel, and we are happy we can participate in helping them out. Our office and a beauty salon downstairs became a safe shelter, all the team of the Poltava branch, together with girls of Poltava branch and friends, participated in creating a comfortable atmosphere, bringing pillows, blankets, mattresses, food, water and other supplies to the office.

People come and leave, to go further to the West of Ukraine. Many of them come with children, pets having only a backpack with the most needed. It is really impressive to see all this, together with their thankful eyes filled with tears and appreciation, when they see how helpful and selflessly people can act towards each other. It means so much!!

Since the day first we experienced fear and anxiety about the situation. Nobody believed gossips about this nightmare may turn to the reality. We were shocked. But after the first wave of shock, we decided we should act and help somehow. So we are volunteering, getting the needed medicines for the local army units, members of the territorial defense and people which got stuck in Kharkiv and Ohtyrka, getting food, and children’s supplies. So many children, elder people, families, hospitals are in the critical situation when they do not have what to eat, or pills which support their life. It is terrifying.

We can't stand away, and we run, drive, buy, collect, making phone calls, getting help, run, drive again, monitore the situation and meet other volunteers, which are doing the same.

We all act as one, and we will keep supporting OUR people, and OUR country, cause we are fighting for OUR land!!!

Translators are sharing a touching stories about clients who support us and donate, we could not believe the whole world is so supportive. Impossible is nothing and the humanity will win!!!!!

Slava Ukraini!

05 March 2022We urge you to convey your governments the need to close the airspace over Ukraine immediately!

On February 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a military invasion of Ukraine. This is an inhuman invasion, contrary to all the international law regulations and in violation of international agreements.

The Russian army mercilessly destroys residential areas and kills civilians using prohibited weapons. We urge you to convey your governments the need to close the airspace over Ukraine immediately. We need your support not only in words but also in deeds.

28 Feb 2022 What is the current situation in Ukraine?

The map shows Ukrainian cities that were attacked by Russia. Ukrainian army holds its own and repels the attacks unstoppably.

Ukraine civil under attack

The video with salvo massive shelling of Kharkiv’s residential areas with a population of two million. Our office in Kharkiv is in the midst of events. :(

27 Feb 2022 Terrible shots of bombing in Ukraine!

Look what horrifying bombing is happening in Ukrainian cities day and night.

People are hiding in the basements and shelters. In one of the houses that was bombed, the entrance to the basement was filled up with the wreckage of the house. The residents of the cities help a lot to each other in such situations, find the shelters for suffered people, bring them food and water and try to support mentally.

Some of the enemy soldiers are captured and they tell on camera who they are and why they came. Look at such a soldier - he can’t harm us anymore!

Armed Forces of Ukraine fight the invaders non-stop, every single citizen of Ukraine strongly believes in the power of Ukrainian army!

26 Feb 2022 We keep working!

Shots rumble outside our windows, it is even impossible to imagine that this is a reality. But you write to the girls, we know that you are worried about them and want to stay in touch. We do our best to keep your communication going and we want you to know what is really going on in Ukraine and how the girls you communicate with are doing. See how our branches work during this difficult time.

25 Feb 2022 You can help Ukraine now!

Each person can make a difference!

The map shows Ukrainian cities that were attacked by Russia. Ukrainians constantly hear volleys of “Grad” and other heavy weapons. Just during February 24th Russia fired 160 missiles towards Ukraine. First, the Russian army fired at military bases, airfields, and strategic facilities.

But now, their aims are residential areas, rockets hit several kindergartens, and an orphanage. Ukrainian families hide from bombshelling in the basements of houses, at metro stations and in bomb shelters.

Russia is sending more and more military equipment to Ukraine, but the Ukrainian army holds its own and repels the attacks unstoppably.

17 July 2014Malaysia civil airplane was crashed by the Russian Buk missile system

On the 17th of June a civil airplane Amsterdam – Kuala Lumpur was shot down from a Russian surface-to-air missile system "Buk".

In the meantime, the terrorists showed off in social networks that they shot down a military freighter. The terrorists were sure that they took a shot at a military transport airplane of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Time and location of the crime completely matches.

Nevertheless, according to the data from the anti-terrorist operation, Ukrainian transport airplanes are undamaged. The terrorists brought down the passenger airplane Boeing-777 that flew in the same region where the Ukrainian airplane had to overfly. At the same time, a Russian propagandist information resource “LifeNews” hurried over to inform that the Pro-Russian militants shot down the airplane AN-26 of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Russian propagandist mass media have already expanded this piece of news.

Previously the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine informed that the Russian surface-to-air missile systems “Buk” that are able to engage targets oh high of 14-18 km. entered the territory of Ukraine.

Today in the morning the local patriots recorded the moving of these systems from Torez to Snezhnoje.

Besides two days prior to the tragedy the terrorists shot down the Ukrainian military transport airplane AN-26 6500 meters of the ground.

Boeing-777 flew 10 000 meters of the ground
280 passengers and 15 crewmembers died.

We feel deeply sorry for the families of all died passengers of the plane. We are sorry for those countries whose citizens died in this catastrophe - Holland, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Great Britain, Germany, the USA, Belgium, Philippines, Canada and New Zealand. It is a great tragedy for all of us!

3 June 2014Ukraine has a new President!

On May, 25 an event that the whole country was very hopeful of — a snap president election — took place in Ukraine.

The election has been successfully over with one round. Petr Poroshenko became a new President of Ukraine, he is Ukrainian statesman and politician, businessman and multi-millionaire.

During the Revolution events Poroshenko sincerely supported Euromaidan activists. What is more, his landslide election means that a new Ukrainian nation was born during the confrontation on Maidan, and this nation became entirely free of post-Soviet identity.

The most important task that the new President faces now is to solve the conflict situation in the East of Ukraine in order to save the entirety of our country. Petr Poroshenko has to resolve a range of economic issues as well: to enhance the cooperation of Ukraine and European Union, to find ways of overcoming of gas conflict with Russia, to create an effective anti-corruption tool and create an attractive investment climate in the country.

Besides, we would like to mention that it is safe to stay in Ukraine now, except our branch in Donetsk. However, we do hope that this situation is temporary.

7 May 2014Southern-Eastern Ukraine:
no war but anti-terroristic operation

Let's go back to our prominent events. People all around the world do care about Ukraine and we are grateful to everyone for the sincerest support!

We understand, perhaps some commercial channels generally offer public mess with the news about situation in Eastern and Southern parts of Ukraine instead of real facts. Of course you have a question if Putin wants to annex this territory as well as he captured Crimea. Well, such actions are to be analyzed on the global level, investigating each important detail.

Nowadays our temporary government intends to fix this escalation of tension and took a decision to defend the Southern-Eastern territories immediately. Military forces provide anti-terroristic operation, as so-called "separatists" seemed to be not decent people claiming the referendum, but present a real danger with weapon for the civilians. Actually, we exclude any war actions, just want to resolve the conflict peacefully: our country will continue to prevent interference in its internal affairs.

By no means Ukraine does not held anti-Russian position. We used to be neighbors with the common history that can not underline this moment and get into big quarrel two nations forever, no way!

But keep in mind that any intelligent, informed person will not encroach on the security of a country. We hope Ukraine will be able to determine its own future with the most transparent president elections on the 25th of May.

31 March 2014Events in Crimea:
How does the world react?

You may ask if Ukraine is disappointed with the lost of Crimea, but we cannot give you a definite answer if to speak about the loosing the great part of our territory as an evident fact. So, what we have now.

The United Nations General Assembly supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine, it stands to reason that during last session they rejected ballots according to the Crimean referendum in a subject of the Russian Federation and declared it illegitimate. They appeal to clean the territory of Crimean semi-island out of Russian military forces. However, Russia is still in a position of the defense of Russian-speaking population, forces keep the territory. They still cannot accept new main power of Ukraine and keep considering last events as revolution fail. In short, they call the protests a kind of anarchy that has no common with democracy.

What's more, no aggressive attacks or any disorder have been fixed during last week. In spite of all intention men in military clothes create airports, railway stations and all inter-cities transport structure work as usual, without any problems. In a word, people hope that pre-term elections will resolve this issue. At least we will have a government program to follow in legal framework.

13 March 2014Kyiv's Independence Square
after the revolution.
Is it safe to visit Ukraine?

Here is Kyiv in spring 2014 — the city that have passed through protests and confrontation and finally returned to its usual quiet life.

Nevertheless, people have some lingering hopes that new government will live up their expectations. All citizens bewail the died «Sky hundred», pray for a peaceful Ukraine and make all possible efforts, so that their native city and the whole Ukraine could biuld a new democratic future.

5 March 2014Crimean Autonomous Republic:
Russian invasion

As we noticed all other foreign news sometimes cannot cover the whole image of the conflict in our country. Therefore we will try to observe in a few words what is happening now in Crimean Autonomous Republic. Russian Federation made a decision to invade the territory of our demi-island by the reason of threat the Russian-speaking population may fall under. Moreover they cannot accept the legitimacy of the central power in Kyiv nowadays, the dialog can hardly be held between temporary government and the president of Russian Federation.

Nevertheless no aggressive attacks have been undertaken against native people, military forces just demonstrate their control of the territory.

Anyway, all internal problems in our country we need to resolve by ourselves but without Russian "help". And we really hope for great support of other countries in resolving this conflict. We believe that Ukraine and our neighbor and other European countries will manage to avoid any dangerous actions, to find a compromise with Russian Federation, and to resolve the problem on the democratic level.

25 February 2014The Ukrainian Revolution: results.

Ukrainian People have won! The president dictator ran away, but was put on the wanted list. The Cabinet of Ministers and others branches of power are on their way of creation. Political prisoners were decriminalized. The country does its best to draw a lesson from the past and to build the democracy on a base of respect to human rights. Next president elections will be held in 3 months. Besides, we should mention, that the proper investigations will be made regarding all criminal actions and affairs.

We bewail our heroes who gave their lives for our victory over the Yanukovitch dictatorial regime. And the whole country is full of a goodwill to build a new civil society.

The whole Ukraine is united with one aim.

So, about Ukraine. It doesn’t matter: East or West or Crimea, all parts of our country joined with the common aims nowadays – to have new legislative and executive power, to stop violence, to fix the conflict and to erase mistakes that took lives of many people.

Match point is about “innocent people” striking everywhere – who they are? Due to different sources from all over the world the information collapse makes people crazy. But indeed all those people, maidanivtsi, are just simple people, volunteers, not special forces (or agents from other countries for money, no) from big cities, small towns, villages, provinces - no matter. All of them are rising up not only in Kyiv but almost everywhere.

Revolution time

Next question: is it a revolution time? Yes, we can say so. For about three months it has been held like a new type of revolution we mentioned before - the civilized way of resolving a problem - by people guided though permanent commitments and promises of the current power, desperate.. Nevertheless directed their efforts to change, to act and, at least, to begin to do something.

Really resuming above, as you see, the efforts have not been wasted. All-out skirmish way but justified. We want freedom, democracy and peace.

We are proud of our nation for its resolute struggle. Of course, we had our doubts, we were afraid. But that was in the past. We showed how deep belief is important for a human to make changes with no fear. And our power is in quantity and coupling together.

Indeed all parts of Ukraine united in one tragedy but people strongly believe that all those desperate events will leave along with winter. And new life, new happiness, new smile will shine on each native face!

1 February 2014Worldwide news about Ukraine:
EuroMaidan keeps on the run

You can see a lot of news reports about Ukraine. But its hard to make a right conclusion.

  • What exactly is going on? Protest or conflict? The whole country or two streets only?
  • Why do people stay there for about two months?
  • Ukraine’s peaceful protests turned to civil war or its just growing isolation of the Ukrainian government – you may ask? Russia or EU?

Let us kindly remind you that maidanivtsi are strikers on the main square of the country. They do intend to take the government territory, of course. The point is in Euro integration and Russian issues. But do not think the country needs to be divided, no. They do not want to choose the right or left position, they defend their rights. There are representatives from all administrative regions there, well-united and with the common aim: to create successful future within political supply.

There is no other way to explain their sincere unwillingness to accept the last laws administration adopted. This is not a war or internal conflict (no people, neither the government want to spill the blood), this protest is the civilized way of resolving a problem.

You may think: maidanivtsi by no means could destroy the peace on the streets. True, it is the center of the capital. You can see news on tv with the videos of black smog and fire - scrap tires burning. Supposedly no appreciable damage has been made to the buildings. But there is opposition with other citizens joined them - they really care about future and express their position in such a way: they want to get a hearing.

We regret to say but on January, 23 one shop has been burnt out by the bottle of flame liquid just because it was too close to the burning barricades, just occasionally. But the monument in the name of Valeriy Lobanovskiy has been properly defended beforehand by enveloping with the cloth – people care about their city.

Yes, fences and benches have been crushed but glasses and window-shops are unbroken, no one destroy the property and belongings and in case of marauding acts they beat the hooligans by themselves. Therefore all the subjects from the world news seemed apocalyptic but you cannot consider this to be true, its not so awful as you may think.

Some people in Kyiv stay unalarmed

Kyiv keeps living. Shops and cafés keep working, people go working, make their study, marry or divorce, etc. Obviously citizens do not feel comfortable with such events. Separate establishments, locations, shops and cafés suffered, they finally had to close. People who live in the center experience logistics problems - those who cannot catch all the information in the Internet or media.

But take into account that airports, railway stations in each city of Ukraine keep on working, just with the same schedule. Tourists come to our country as often as before to admire the beauty of our nature and for sightseeing. People do not make any harm to the country that is on the way of great development and growth. They do not want to ruin the life of their children.

Revolution. Yes or No?

Its up to you to give a name about all those issues in Kyiv.

But pay attention: for about two months the center of the city has been blocked by the opposition. Moreover, the access to separate government departments and institutions have been closed as well. Most of establishments have been disabled. Opposition created barricades that impossible to be destroyed.

In spite of severe cold weather we can see thousands of people. Their integrated defense can shock, supply and provision is truly accomplished. The camp holds the good order, they have enough food, clothes and people gather the money for all necessary things they need. The main point – they support each other.

Ukrainian people proud of their country, they show a ticking power and stay in their political position. Moreover they believe in happy ending, good future of the country and hope that the government will accept the considerable decision in favor of its nation.

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How can YOU help?

  • Inform all your friends and people you know about the real events in Ukraine
  • Come together and go to demonstrations against the war in Ukraine!
  • If you personally want and can help Ukraine financially, send moneydirectly to the foundations using the links below.

    Each person’s help without any exception is important! Support our country in this incredibly difficult terrible moment!