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“She is the missing part of my life that I need”

Glen, USA10 November 2020 trip to Cherkasy

Hello UaDreams

I have experienced an amazing time here in Cherkassy. After first communicating with my lady in January 2020, I have finally made it to Ukraine to meet her face to face.

I always knew she was so beautiful. her photos, videos, and chats made me admire her all the time. But seeing her in person just took my breath away. And after spending time with her in Cherkassy, I now realize how beautiful she is on the inside as well.

Everything I have experienced with her here has confirmed what I felt all along...that she is the missing part of my life that I need. She is my soul mate. She makes me complete.

I have proposed to her and asked her to marry ...

“It was all perfect”

Rino, Italy5 December 2021 trip to Kyiv

It was all perfect. The translator was friendly. I like he was very friendly with us. He didn’t think only about profession. His first target was make us feel comfortable, to make our first meeting memorable and atmospheric. Me and my lady want to say gracias. We hope that this is the start of a great story.

“The meeting was very special”

The meeting with my Lady was very special, we had a wonderful time meeting here in Milan, Italy. Everything was arranged, the meet-up and time, and my translator Victoria got here, and we had a little discussion before my Lady got here, and we hit it off just perfect. Very relaxing atmosphere, we had a good chat, now that we got to see each other in person versus chatting online, and we got to hold each other’s hand and look each other in the eyes, it was just a very magic experience.

It was 8 months in taking, of course, we planned our meeting in Ukraine, but everything changed on February 24th, so we had to adjust. My employer wouldn’t let me go to Ukraine, but it wh ...

Charles, United States
1 august 2022

“I am very happy with the service”

Pete, United Kingdom19-25 December 2021 trip to Lutsk

I am very happy with the service from all the stuff of the agency. The translator Luda was very friendly and gave and excellent service. I hope to be back with my lady in the summer. P.S. Luda bought flowers, but I decided to use the flowers that I bought.

“Good positive attitude will always make the sun shine down”

Jake, USA3 December 2021 trip to Kremenchuk

It is my great pleasure to thank UaDreams, Natasha, Eugene and especially my amazing girlfriend, for a truly wonderful visit. My only regret is having to leave for my return trip home. With many laughs shared, these I will never forget as long as I live. My wish is to return soon and be with the beautiful lady I love and adore! My heart goes out to her with arms wide open! Also many thanks to Eugene for enduring an extended stay above and beyond the call of duty at the airport.

You are the best Eugene. Also to Natasha with exceptional skill in translation "cheers" Natasha lol. Again many thanks for a wonderful trip and visit, no matter the weather, good positive attitude will alwa ...

“I fully enjoyed my stay!”

Christian, Denwark18 november 2023 trip to Lviv

Dear staff!

I fully enjoyed my stay!=)
You are as always very flexible by your services. thank you!

I and my lady had benefit and joy from your suggestions - what to see, and where to eat a wonderful lunch.

We certainly recommend your every service at hand, and looking forward to plan our next meeting and make it even more fun and interesting together with you at hand.

Thank you so!

Best regards, Cristian

“I got to meet amazing lady”

Des, Australia3 january 2023 trip to Zaporizhia

Hi guys! I am writing this, to let you know with the help of UaDreams I got to meet amazing my lady, the agency had been amazing with every question I had, and even help to organised gift for her parents. Me and my lady are very excited for our future.

I highly recommend UaDreams, their translation of emails is perfect, the price structure is good, you know exactly what it costs.

All the best guys in your search.

“ I’ve met a girl, whom I have been searching for all of my life”

Great service. I had an amazing trip with the help of Iryna and provided my commitment to my Lady is real. I couldn’t make this without the help of UaDreams.

Video of Daniel:

So, it’s been a great trip here to Lviv. With the help of my interpreter Iryna, who has been excellent. I really enjoyed my trip here. I’ve met a girl, whom I have been searching for all of my life. She is amazing. And I came here to prove that connection online was real. And will what will be in the future. My trip here was great like I said I stand in a nice hotel in the city center. Lots of good food in the area, sightseeing, old buildings, I’ve seen more cu ...

Daniel, United States
7 july 2023 trip to Lviv

“Thank you for your support in my meeting ”

Bastien, France7 september 2022 trip to Dnipro

Hello dear Dnipro support team!

Thank you for your efficient support in order to plan my meeting abroad. The lady I wished to meet is a refugee in the United Kingdom. Despite the absence of her interpreter ( the lady speaks English enough well ), the meeting was very well organized in a small town, in the Northern England.

I hope your sweet customers will be able to come back to Ukraine, to your brave country, liberated from Russian soviet occupation.

I pray for Ukraine.
Warmly Bastien

“I would try the UaDreams experience again”

James, USA1-4 December 2020 trip to Sumy

This is my first time using a service like UaDreams. It has been an interesting experience. I enjoyed meeting my lady.

The Branch provided a pleasant meeting experience between my lady and I. We first went to a nice restaurant on a river. We enjoyed the meal with sirniki which was delicious.

Over the next few days we enjoyed walks in the parks, along the river and through the city. Julie was kind enough to take pictures of my lady and I together. It was a pleasant experience.

I will continue my communication with my lady. If this does not workout, I would try the UaDreams experience again.


“Meeting outside Ukraine ”

Richard, United Kingdom07 october 2022 trip to Zaporizhia

I would like to thank all the staff at UaDreams for their excellent service. I can not overstate how accommodating they have been to facilitate the meeting between myself and my lady while she is a refugee outside Ukraine. I was stunned when I asked if a meeting was possible outside Ukraine and I was given a positive answer. I did not dream that this could happen. To add to thus they have also managed to arrange this meeting at very short notice to fit around my work schedule and the return of my lady to Ukraine. After the travel restrictions of the Covid pandemic and now the invasion I was starting to wonder if the personal meeting ever happen, the UaDreams staff have made this possible. ...

“ I of course am here to win the heart of lady”

Stephen, United States7 november 2023 trip to Rivne

As I visit this country, I am reminded of a hidden beauty. The heart of the Ukrainian people, and all that they stand for. I come for the beautiful nature behind the freedom they possess and fight to preserve. I of course am here to win the heart of lady. I care for deeply and she gives so much in return. UaDreams you do a wonderful job of bringing a man from abroad helping him understand the culture, mindset and enviroment to a reality. There are struggles at times because the mutual understands of the ladies to match with do not always work out, but that is the nature of most dating agencies, we have those small mountains to climb.
Your staff works very hard to bridge the distances ...

“I was blown away by my lady’s presence and beauty”

Zachary, USA23-30 November 2019 trip to Poltava

I finally made it to Poltava, Ukraine to visit my lady!

We exchanged letters and utilized video chat for almost 11 months and I finally had a chance to get away from work to come and meet her.

Unfortunately I could not make it in the spring or summer time so it was quite cold but I abbsolutelly loved my time in Ukraine. I was blown away by my lady’s presence and beauty and she was an excellent guide. The translator Ira was also incredible and was able to provide many recomendations & help with our communication seamlessly.

My only complain lies with the general pricing of services offered although I do understand the scope of what takes place in the agenc ...

“Meeting my wonderful lady”

Hello, gentlemen. I am here in Poltava City, meeting my wonderful lady. And here with my interpreter Kateryna. I feel safe, I feel wonderful being in the city during these difficult times. But the services are amazing. The quality of the agency is tremendously wonderful. The city is beautiful. The architecture, and the people are wonderful. I hope that if you decide to come, you’re gonna feel safe but be careful. Use the agency, they are wonderful.

Francisco, United States
18 february 2023 trip to Poltava

“She is my lifelong dream”

Roland, Austria21 february 2023 trip to Mykolaiv

I am very satisfied with the service, the translations and also with the support and assistance at the first meeting with My Lady. I helped us both a lot to facilitate the first contact and to exchange without barriers.

I can wholeheartedly recommend UaDreams service. As for My Lady herself, I can only say that she is my lifelong dream and I hope that we will grow together step by step into a good and stable relationship.

The first good steps in this direction we have both taken with pleasure.

Thank you the whole team.

“I couldn't meet her without UaDreams”

Max, United States9 november 2023 trip to Cherkasy

My trip to Cherkasy has been very pleasant even with the 21hr bus ride in from Warsaw. The hotel was better than expected and the staff was able to fulfill any request I had to, include borrowing a pair of scissors that I obviously wasn’t able to bring with me. All of the food was excellent, especially the meat place just outside the hotel door.
Alona, my translator was as great as she could be and did her very best to fill in the gaps in time that I was not able to spend with my lady. We both knew we would be limited on this trip, of how much we were going to be able to be together, and Alona did her best to fill the gaps. She really deserves a raise after putting up with me. ...

“I was truly amazed to see and meet my beautiful lady in real life”

My lady and I met in December of 2019, and right away I felt very good feeling about her. We talked through chats and emails for many months. I originally made plans to come to visit her in April 2020, but the corona pandemic broke out and kept us from making first meeting. I originally thought that she would try to move on and find someone else to start communication with, but she was true to her words that she was not interested in starting with another man and was in this for good.

We continued our communication throughout the year 2020 and when 2021 came arrived the things started looking up again. I went to get vaccine in hopes that my travel to Odessa to see her would be eas ...

Abraham, USA
23 May - 5 June 2021 trip to Odesa

“Look forward to our future together”

Glen, Canada28 july 2023 trip to Lviv

Thank you to Iryna for her attention and care and translation skills during my stay in Lviv. She is great at what she does.

Also, thanks to Victoriya - the trip manager for arranging the details to make my trip as safe and comfortable as possible during these turbulent times in Ukraine. I’m delighted to have finally met my Lady in real life, not virtually. We truly enjoy one another’s company and look forward to our future together.

Thank you to Au who contributes to our past conversations (Julia) and our meeting in Lviv. It’s a beautiful city full of history and culture and I recommend it.

As for a hotel, it’s really is 3 star and would ben ...

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