How to use Video Chat?

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How to inviteHow to invite

How to invite a Lady to a Video Chat

After clicking on the 'Invite to Video Chat' button located anywhere on the site, a pop-up will appear. In this pop-up, you can select the date and time for your desired video chat with a lady. Once you have chosen the date and time, simply click the 'Invite the Lady' button and the video chat will be scheduled.

“Invitation to Chat” message from Lady looks like this

1. You can accept this invitation and click the button "Chat Now"
2. You can move this invitation for 5 or 10 minutes. If at this moment the lady is still online, you will receive this invitation once again.
3. Decline the invitation (in this case the lady will not be able to invite you for chat for 6 hours)
4. “Decline, but explain to lady why” indicating the reason. If you choose «Can't chat, I am looking terrible right now» — you can chat with switched-off camera.


Pre Video Chat

Pre Video ChatPre Video Chat

Video Chat

Once you have entered Video Chat, you'll see the following picture

Video ChatVideo Chat

Manual for web cam settings:

1. Make sure that your web cam is not used by another program (for example skype) simultaneously with the chat - just close the applications that may use the web cam before starting the chat
2. Allow the web cam by clicking on "Allow" in the pop-up window, that will appear after you connect to chat.
3. To allow the lady to see your video, we recommend using Chrome of the latest version or Safari browser of the latest version.

Chat with any Apple or Anroid device

From now you are welcome to use Video chat service from any Apple (Safari) or Android (Chrome) device.

Upcoming events

Once you invited lady to Video Chat, you'll see the following section. In “my invitations” you can plan your future video chats and see any changes.

Upcoming eventsUpcoming events

Enhance your online video chat experience by turning on your webcam

Showing your face not only lets the lady see the real you, but it also builds trust and rapport faster. Plus, it increases your chances of finding someone who appreciates you for who you truly are.