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Welcome to our Dating tours section! Here, we would like to introduce you, to all the opportunities related to your Ukraine trip. We will create an experience, in which you will make a minimal effort, to organize your trip. Most importantly, you will be completely safe! Would you like to know the details?

How to stay within  a reasonable budget?? How to book a dating tour? How to order air tickets? Here are all the answers, and also general information about Ukraine  and very interesting travel tips  that will help to make your trip really successful.

During almost 10 years of the agency's work, more than 4800 Ukraine dating tours and introductions took place. Some members even visited us more than once! The number of members, who came to Ukraine by our tour program, reached over 2000. Watch our interesting video below, to see that it is the best decision, to travel with us!

How do you know if woman really matches you? While it is true that letters and chats are important, they are not enough. Only a personal meeting in Ukraine, will show you, if she is your destiny.

All of the UaDreams members, who have already made this decisive step, entrusted our agency with the entire organization of their trips. They did so, to meet the lovely women, who could make them the happiest in the world. We are certain that you will agree, the numbers in our trip statistics, are really quite impressive!

Discover why we are the best agency for travelling

hotels and so on...

With UaDreams:

  • You have an opportunity to choose your type of accommodation: A hotel or private apartment.
  • It will correspond to the accommodation you've seen and selected in photos and descriptions.
  • We book and pay for your accommodation before your arrival – which guarantees your check-in in accommodation 100%.
  • Meeting the woman of your dreams for the first time can be stressful enough on its own. We handle everything for you so that your only focus is on your special woman.

On your own:

  • Booking accommodations through a third-party provider will add a great risk of being cheated by scam artists.
  • Promotional photos and descriptions usually do not reflect the real accommodation conditions.
  • To save money, third-party vendors will NEVER book the accommodation beforehand. As a result, you may be settled into another lodging, assuming they can find it for you.
  • Imagine trying to deal with these issues, on top of trying to meet the woman of your dreams. It could cause problems that you don’t need!

airport & local transfers

With UaDreams:

  • You will be met by our trusted representatives who know the region well. We can also provide an English-speaking translator while driving by request.
  • In the event of your flight being delayed, or if you don't come out of the arrival gates, we will not leave until we find you.
  • Your travel experience will be safe and comfortable.
  • In the event of any problems with your luggage, we will help correct the issue.

On your own:

  • Most Ukrainian taxi drivers do not speak English, so you may find it very difficult to explain where to go.
  • Since you are a foreigner, you will be offered a very high taxi-fee, that isn't fair.
  • If your flight is delayed, a regular taxi will not wait for you. This will result in having to look for another taxi.
  • The airport taxi is also VERY expensive. Save your money to use on your trip with the woman of your dreams, not overpriced taxis!

what about flights?

Our staff:

  • We thoroughly search for the most convenient flight within the country as well as internationally to save you both time and money.

On your own:

  • You will have to apply to different passenger transfer operators, as some only provide international flight services and others operate passengers within the country. You may also have increased delays and wait time between connecting flights if a non-stop option is not available or affordable.

your dating schedule

With us:

  • We will make the most convenient schedule of your date(s) with our women while taking into consideration your special requests, the number of dates, as well as any wishes regarding leisure time together.

On your own:

  • You will have to plan your meetings, arrange transportation, as well as a place for your date, independently.
  • If there are any mistakes in your planning, you can easily fail to meet the lady, as your visit could be unexpected for her. Therefore, she may not have enough free time to spend with you.

support and entertainment

Travel with us!

  • When traveling with UaDreams agency, you will always feel our support and care. Our personal assistant will help you with translations and explain all of the details of Ukrainian life.
  • Also, we will supply you with cell phone, that comes with a Ukrainian telephone number. In every city, you will be advised, as well as informed of fun and interesting excursions and activities.
  • Traditional cuisine? How to spend your evening? Interesting events and places? Tours for the weekend, for you and your woman? We will do our very best to make sure your time is well spent and enjoyable!

Still not certain? Read testimonials  from our members! Also see our Trip area.

On your own:

  • You will have to make these plans all on your own and take an unnecessary risk. This may not work out as well as you hope or plan. We want your main focus to be on the time you spend with your special woman, rather than spending most of your time planning. Doing so can lead to a lonely, dangerous, and boring experience.

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